30 doctoral grants, Hausdorff Center for Mathemathics (Germany)

The Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics (BIGS-Mathematics) , embraced by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, a Cluster of Excellence established within the German government’s Excellence Initiative, offers a PhD program in mathematics based upon the well-known teaching and research tradition of the Department of Mathematics and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.
Next Deadline: 31 May 2008

Research topics for dissertations can be chosen from the following sections:

  • Algebra and number theory (J. Franke, G. Harder, M. Rapoport, J. Schröer, C. Stroppel, D. Zagier)
  • Algebraic and arithmetic geometry (G.Faltings, G.Harder, D.Huybrechts, N. Perrin, M.Rapoport)
  • Differential geometry (W. Ballmann, U. Hamenstädt)
  • Discrete mathematics and complexity theory (S. Hougardy, M. Karpinski, B. Korte, T. Nieberg, N. Saxena, J. Vygen)
  • Global analysis (M. Lesch, W. Müller)
  • Mathematical models in the natural sciences (H.-W. Alt, J. Frehse, M. Griebel, F.Otto)
  • Moduli spaces (W. Ballmann, C.-F. Bödigheimer, G. Faltings, U. Hamenstädt, G. Harder, M. Marcolli, Y. Manin, S. Schwede, D. Zagier)
  • Numerical analysis (M. Griebel, R. Krause)
  • Partial differential equations (H.-W. Alt, J. Frehse, H. Koch, F. Otto, M. Rumpf, L. Székelyhidi)
  • Probability and statistics (S. Albeverio, A. Eberle, M. Karpinski, M. Schäl, K.-T. Sturm)
  • Pure and applied logic (M. Karpinski, P. Poepke)
  • Scientific computing (M. Griebel, H. Harbrecht, R. Krause, M. Rumpf)
  • Stochastic analysis (S. Albeverio, A. Eberle, F. Otto, K.-T. Sturm)
  • Topology (H.-J. Baues, C.-F. Bödigheimer, J. Hornbostel, M. Kreck, S. Schwede).

There are currently about 100 PhD students in the program, which offers a wide range of lecture courses, graduate seminars, research seminars, and winter/summer schools. The language of instruction is English. 30 doctoral grants (Hausdorff scholarships) of 1100 euros per month for a maximum of 3 years can be awarded, beginning April or October each year. The grants are supplied by a family allowance, if applicable. In addition, there are 8 qualifying grants of 800 euros per month for a qualifying year.

Applications are to be sent to: Prof. Dr. Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer, Director of Graduate Studies, Universität Bonn, Mathematisches Institut, Beringstrasse 1, D-53115 Bonn, Germany.
Deadline for applications:
15 January anually for entry in april or October | 31 May anually for entry in October.
For more details and a list of required documents see: http://www.bigs- math.uni- bonn.de/