M.Sc. student opportunity @ UofS (water resources)

Graduate Student Opportunity
Location: University of Saskatchewan
Academic Program: Department of Geography, or School of Environment and
Project: We are seeking a M.Sc. student with an interest in water resources
and environmental effects assessment in watersheds.

You will join a Canada Water Network research team of 8 professors from 6
universities, including 6 graduate students, working together to develop The
Healthy River Ecosystem Assessment System (THREATS) for assessing and
adaptively managing the cumulative effects of human developments on Canadian
freshwaters. The project is based at the University of Saskatchewan and led
by Dr. Monique Dube, CRC in Aquatic Ecosystem Health Diagnosis.

Start date: September, 2008 (summer start date or availability for summer
field work preferred)

Funding: fully funded, Canada Water Network

For more information contact Bram Noble @ 306-966-1899 or b.noble@usask. ca

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Bram Noble, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental Assessment and Resource Management
Department of Geography, University of Saskatchewan
Kirk Hall, 117 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5C8
Tel. 306-966-1899; Email b.noble@usask. ca