Fully funded PhD position in lake research, Univ. of Iceland

A PhD opening is available at the University of Iceland to research the physical behavior of one of Iceland´s largest and deepest lakes, Lake Lagarfljót. The successful candidate will characterize processes such as stratification, internal seiching, and differential heating and cooling through field experiments, analytical and numerical methods.

Applicants should have a Masters degree in Engineering, Physics, Oceanography, or related fields. A strong background in mathematics, probability and statistics, numerical methods and modelling is required. Knowledge of hydrodynamics, programming skills and experience with field and/or laboratory work is advantageous (but not required).

For more information and application guidelines, please visit http://www.hi. is/~hrund/ or contact dr. Hrund Ó. Andradóttir, hrund@hi.is.

Dr. Hrund Ó. Andradóttir
Associate Professor
University of Iceland
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering